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Mechatronics is a multidisciplinary field of science that incorporates a blend of mechanical, electronics, electrical and computer engineering. Initially, Mechatronics was confined to mechanics and electronics; subsequently the field does not only restrict to the latter but also has broadened its horizons to include broader technical fields that involves designing, testing and operation of machinery and equipment. Mechatronics comprises high level functional integration of mechanical systems with electronics and computer control. Mechatronics intends to enhance the functionality of specialized frameworks and the formation of new equipment’s and machinery with intelligence. The Department of Mechatronics was established in the year 2011 for Post Graduate Courses. Later in the year 2014, Undergraduate program with an intake of 60 was started. The department has state of the art infrastructure and laboratories. Presently the Department has over 180 students. Department offers Under Graduate as well as Post Graduate courses in Mechatronics. The Laboratories are perfect balance of Mechanical, Electronics as well as Computer Science with Hydraulics and Pneumatics Lab, Mechanical Measurements and Metrology Labs, Material Testing Lab, Microcontroller Lab, Analog and Digital Electronics, Electric Machine Drives, Advanced Computer Programming Lab and so. Recently, the Department has set up the Micro and Smart System Lab and is establishing an advanced Robotics Lab.


To accomplish excellence in imparting Quality Education in Mechatronics and to contribute to community through Research and Development


  • To divulge knowledge in the fields of mechanical, electronics, control, software, computer engineering and related areas with a emphasis on evolving the essential proficiencies and virtues anticipated of Mechatronics engineer
  • To establish best in class laboratories to endorse applied knowledge of Mechatronics to meet the needs of the society
  • To instill better interpersonal abilities, promote leadership, ethics and entrepreneurship among students for their persistent growth through teaching and learning process
  • To prepare robust and responsible graduate to pursue higher studies and research to meet the global requirements by providing state of the art infrastructure


  1. To provide conceptual basis of various functional levels of organization
  2. To understand fundamental premises underlying business driven strategies
  3. To equip students with necessary knowledge and managerial skills to occupy positions of management and administration in business, industry and government
  4. To equip the future managers with decision making skills in order to enable them to address multifarious problems of dynamic global environment.


  1. The graduates acquire the necessary knowledge aspects of management including Marketing, Finance, Human resources etc
  2. The graduates acquire the necessary skils and competancies required for a successful manager in handling all aspects of Business
  3. The graduates acquire necessary experience in organizing and managing events through activity based learning


The Mechanical engineering program students will attain:

  • To apply the knowledge of mathematics and science in electronics and communication engineering discipline
  • To identify, formulate, solve complex problems to achieve the demonstrated conclusions and to analyze and interpret the data using mathematical principles and engineering science
  • To be able to design, implement and to evaluate systems using current techniques, resources and skills that meet the demands and needs of society
  • To investigate, conduct experiments and interpret the results to provide valid conclusions
  • To adopt current techniques, resources and skills for the design and analysis of systems using Modern Tools
  • To communicate effectively in verbal and in written form to a wide range of audience
  • To promote better understanding of electronics and communication engineering and Management principles
  • Application of engineering principles in various fields of profession as a member/leader in a team while managing projects in interdisciplinary environments to accomplish a common goal
  • To create awareness of innovativeness, entrepreneurship and sustainable development
  • To understand and design the project and to write effective reports on the implemented work
  • To realize the need to engage in continuous professional development and up-gradation in technology
  • Develop confidence for self-education, leading to life-long learning in the context of ever-changing technology by research


The Department Forum – Mechatronics and Automation Club for Exploration was formed in September 2016. The Forum was inaugurated by Dr. Krupashanka, Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering, R.V College of Engineering, Bangalore. The Robot MAC-1 developed by the students was the highlight of the event


  • 5 teams from the Mechatronics Department participated in the Technical Fest NITK Engineer Fest-2016, organized by the National Institute of Technology Karnataka, Surathkal. The Team Alchemists (Abhinandan S, Sampreeth, Kevin Preetham, Akshay P D and Naveen Kumar) stood Overall IV in Robo Wars
  • Mr. Ajay Shenoy was the Finalist in the Tech Roadies event organized by NITTE University
  • Students and faculty of Mechatronics department visited Vijetha Special School, Karkala. The day witnessed various entertainment programs by the students followed by lunch
  • The Forum organized a one day Industrial Trip to Lamina Foundries Ltd., Karkala. The visit helped the students in getting an insight on the various process involved in Foundary. It also exposed them to CNC’s and automation tools used in Industries
  • The students of VI semester visited the International Machine Tool Exhibition-2017 held in Bangalore. This is South East Asia’s largest Machine tool Exhibition with global players involved
  • Ms.Asiya Hannath of VI Semester won First place in Stress Interview in Sambhram 2017, the annual fest of Shree Devi Institute of Technology, Mangalore. Mr. Ajay Shenoy of the VI Semester stood third in the event
  • The department organized a state level tech paper presentation as part of the annual college fest Sentia -2017
  • Team Octon Racing- students from the Department of Mechatronics Engineering and Aeronautical Engineering won the Best Design of ECO KART 2017 in the 4th Edition of the Eco-Kart series, held at BML Munjal University, Gurgaon, Haryana
  • Mr. Abhinandan Sreekumar of the VI Semester attended the TEDx Anchor Program held at the Infosys Campus in Mysore. The workshop was for the top 100 organizers of TEDx event in India
  • A two day workshop on Android App Development was organized in the institution by the department forum. The workshop was conducted by Mr. Abhinandan Sreekumar of the VI Semester. Over 70 students participated in the two day event
  • The department forum organized an inter-department football tournament “Street Football-16” in the month of October 2016. Team FC Berocca won the event
  • The forum is currently organizing an inter-department volleyball tournament “Smash-17”. The event begun from May 16, 2017




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